SEO Checklist

Are you already asking yourself some of the following questions?
Has your site's visibility been affected by the latest Google update and you don't know why?
Your organic traffic is down lately, but you won't find any errors,
which could be responsible for this?
Want to know if your previous SEO strategy is still working effectively? The solution is a comprehensive SEO analysis checklist.

Measurable results

These are some of the most common problems that, sooner or later, will eventually need to be effectively addressed.
an Seeking the help of an SEO specialist all those who want to achieve real, measurable results and success.
Want new ways to make your websites more findable
in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.?
What does this mean in practice? There are as many houses as there are customs, they say.

SEO analysis

However, there are some aspects that most SEO agencies work on.
We provide comprehensive SEO analysis for increased visibility and organic traffic
takes place at several levels.

SEO Audit

During our analysis, our experts check various SEO elements in the following categories:

Technical SEO Audit

Indexation analysis

Status codes


Page speed

URL structure


XML sitemap

Canonical tags



Old domain problems


Onpage SEO

Content structure of the website

Keyword research

Checking unique content

Use keywords

Metadata analysis (page titles, meta descriptions, headings)

User experience

Pictures and videos

Internal linking and HTML site map


Offpage SEO



Domain Authority 

Social media 


Mobile SEO 

Long-term investment

Yes, it is indeed a longer-term investment and does not bring immediate results like a well-managed Google Ads. SEO work on a website requires constant attention due to Google's guidelines and algorithm updates, and the constant changes in the market. However, it is always welcome news for our clients when they receive natural, and now free, traffic to their website with ever improving organic rankings following our effective work. That's why it's well worth the painstaking, costly work.
Even for a new project, it is very effective to strengthen your business from several angles while developing a complex strategy.
Contact our experts for details.

SEO Strategy

Develop a complex analysis and strategy to achieve the objectives.

The SEO analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the website, thus showing the opportunities for improvement. Besides basic aspects such as indexing and on-page factors, the user-friendliness of the website is also an important consideration. Although user habits change only slightly over time, search engine ranking factors and standards are constantly evolving. This is one of the main reasons why SEO audits need to be carried out regularly.