Scope of activities

search engine optimization-effektivseo

Search engine optimisation

Our mission is to be up-to-date, trusted advisors and help your business succeed in the long term. Want to know more?

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copywriting content marketing


Whether it's a website, article, blog, or product description, we work with relevant content and search trends in mind.

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website design effectiveseo

Website creation

The effectiveness and the real value of website creation is ensured by SEO, because this is the way inquiries and orders come in.

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  • Technical analysis of the site 
  • On-Page SEO audit
  • Off-Page SEO audit
  • Competitiveness analysis
  • Keyword research/Trends
  • Recommendations for action
  • Content repair/extension

Online and Digital Marketing Trends

Our services are designed to help start-ups and established businesses who want to maximise the profitability of their products or services online. We have the marketing tools to help you make YOUR project a success.

Algorithms are improved or regularly modified with updates, so they are constantly in motion. Old content must be updated to remain relevant. As the rules change, you need to be able to adapt to new SEO trends to avoid potential penalties. This is why regular SEO audits are needed to meet the needs of search engines.

Over the past decade, the criteria and ranking factors have changed dramatically. Preference is given to sites that are mobile-friendly and optimised for user intent. Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) have algorithms that crawl websites and compare them based on different ranking factors that look at usability and relevance.

Unique and quality content

A Google SEO trends in the future, even more emphasis will be placed on unique and quality content. We work with this in mind. 



Business website development, competitor analysis, search engine optimization, SEO audit.

Creating a complete business website with competitor analysis and tracking current trends. Professional copywriting, content improvement, expansion, blog building. Social media integration and monitoring.

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Seo search engine optimisation

SEO is an effective method of online marketing to ensure that a website is ranked as high as possible in the organic search results. 
Those who (especially) do not appear in Google's search results at all or do not appear on the first page with their products or services can expect a significant loss of revenue.